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Prime Commercial Capital is a leading commercial real estate correspondent lending firm. We serve Small Business Owners and Investors by structuring customized commercial lending solutions for a variety of essential projects, such as: commercial real estate acquisition, construction and renovation, and to reposition non-productive assets. Our correspondent affiliations allow us to provide our clients direct access to the agency and conduit lenders offering: Freddie Mac, FHA MAP, and FHA Lean lending programs. Our financing solutions provide access to excellent financing terms for existing assets, or acquisition and renovation of commercial real estate of all types, such as multifamily, office, retail, mix-use, assisted living, industrial and special-use properties. Our Lending relationships are with local and regional Banks, Commercial Banks, Life Insurance Companies, CMBS Lenders, Specialty Finance Companies, Pension Funds, and Private Equity Firms. With some of these lenders, we have a direct relationship, which makes us a correspondent of that company.

Overview of the Loan Process

Prime Commercial Capital, is a Commercial Lending Provider. Since 2005,
Our Expert Team Has Helped Clients Obtain the Market's Best Credit Terms With Successful Results.

Our dedication and lending relationships are what our customer's value most. Our straight forward consultative approach allows us to identify your loan strengths and challenges; allowing us to align your transaction with the correct lender and program for your specific characteristics and lending request.

Give us a call today to discuss your financing need, so we can make the process easier and use our expertise and relationships to get you the funding that you deserve!

Step 1

We perform an initial consultation to determine the specifics of your project and financing request. A checklist of the documents needed to develop a proper and complete lending package is sent to you. Within 48 hours receipt of the requested financial statements we evaluate, underwrite and submit your package to lenders that will provide the desired financing.

Step 2

Once the lender reviews and determines they are interested in the loan request we receive a term sheet. Keep in mind this is not a commitment. The term sheet will outline the terms the lender is offering and requirements necessary for loan approval. In most cases, a term sheet will not be issued if the lender is not seeking to issue a loan commitment and build a relationship with you as their client.

Step 3

At this point we have reviewed the loan terms the lender is offering and confirm your acceptance. Afterwards, we work diligently with the lender to fully process your file to ensure it will be approved and within the allotted timeframe for your project.

Step 4

We receive a loan commitment letter from the lender. At this point, upon acceptance of the lender's loan commitment, we return the signed commitment letter and the lender requests special inspections i.e. appraisal, environmental inspection, survey etc. Finally we coordinate will all third parties to ensure a smooth and timely settlement occurs. The entire process for most transactions will take 45 - 60 days.

"Our company Was Founded on the Principal's of
Excellence in Service & Providing Outstanding Value to Our Clients"

"Our company Was Founded on the Principal's of
Excellence in Service & Providing Outstanding Value to Our Clients"

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