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Did you know?
75% of all commercial loan requests are denied... This appalling statistic is why we exist. By properly consulting, evaluating, packaging and underwriting loan requests we change the game in favor of our clients.

We make it easier for Businesses and Investors to obtain financing for Commercial Real Estate.

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8403 Colesville Road
Suite 1100
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Who Do We Serve:

• Business owners that need funding for start-up, business growth,
  working capital and to purchase commercial real estate.
• Investors seeking to purchase, refinance, or construct commercial real estate.
• Income property portfolio managers seeking the best financing terms for
  their CRE portfolio.
• Self employed borrowers needing stated income financing.
• Anyone who has a good commercial lending request wanting multiple
  offers from banks.
• Anyone who has had their commercial lending request denied.
• Anyone that has a commercial lending request, but is uncomfortable with
  the process.

What You Can Expect From Us:

• Our commitment to getting your loan request approved.
• Our lending relationships. Each lender has different underwriting criteria.
• We properly package your loan request, making it more appealing to lenders.
• We will not waste your time, if we can’t help you.
• We coordinate all aspects of your transaction to ensure it's as smooth
  as possible.

Why Use Us:

• We will get your loan approved, then... negotiate terms to meet your criteria.
• We offer greater options and flexibility with a wide array of programs and lenders.
• Lenders statistically turn down greater than 75% of all the applications they see.
• Lenders turn down files that are not properly packaged or when the “story”
  is unclear.
• Lenders prefer working people that know what they’re doing.
• Lenders have different criteria, much of which is unknown by borrowers seeking
• We like helping our clients succeed.

Prime Commercial Capital, is a Commercial Lending Provider. Since 2005,
Our Expert Team Has Helped Clients Obtain the Market's Best Credit Terms With Successful Results.